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Download Dark Reign 1.7 ( Patch 1.7 )

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Before downloading Dark Reign 1.7, please take a moment to read this.

We are trying to reunite old Dark Reign players together, it is now nearly impossible to find Dark Reign CDs to buy, and even then the game will not work without the community created patches. Activision has long since stopped providing support for Dark Reign, and unplugged the official servers in 2002 effectively killing the game. We the community, kept this game alive, by ourselves, just for the love of Dark Reign, for the cause ...

Dark Reign is not a free game, and we believe it has long since been abandoned by Activision. We are trying to preserve the history as best as possible, and for that reason, we ask you not to download this Patch if you have not bought the game. We understand many people have lost their CD's, so hence why we are doing this.

Dark Reign was immensely popular in Australia during it's peak of 1997-2001, perhaps due to the skills of Australian born Auran, or perhaps because there weren't as many Blizzard fan boys here. Many players refused to migrate to Dark Reign 2, and perhaps this is why the franchise is dead as far as Activision is concerned.

We ask you to please join our community, join our forums, keep in contact. Come play some games with us on the community run server. We are a good bunch of people, both male and female, young and old, from all over the world. Dark Reign shaped all our lives, and was well before it's time in terms of RTS game play.

Everything you see here is a testimony to the strength of the Dark Reign community. Thousands upon thousands of hours of work, and many hundreds of dollars have gone into keeping this game alive and the community together, against all odds, just for the love of Dark Reign.

Everything is funded out of either I, Satz's, or Element's pocket. We do not ask for donations, we do not charge a fee, we do not have ad's, we do not make any money what so ever, this is our gift to you so please, help us by joining the community.

This download is intended as a Patch for those who have already bought the game.

Dark Reign 1.7
DOWNLOAD (114.203kb)

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