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How to play Dark Reign on Windows 7 (64bit)

Create a new text file enter the following:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
start explorer.exe

Save this as Dark Reign.bat in your Dark Reign 1.7 folder.

Run this .bat file to launch the game in Windows 7 without any colour glitches.

There are no viruses or trojans in Patch 1.7 - these are false positives.

If you do not trust the .exe files then create your own .bat files; see: utilities\bat_to_exe\README.txt


Foreword ...

Patch 1.7 is fully compatible with Patch 1.4 and 1.4b.

  • Dark Reign 1.7 []

    The full Dark Reign game already patched.

    >>> DOWNLOAD (114,203 kb)

A notice to Activision : Read this [ Expand/Contract ]

Dark Reign v1.7 Patch [ 9th August 2008 ]
  • Separate .exe files for [ Original ] and [ Expansion ]
  • Four main Mods Launchable via own .exe files
    [ Auran Units | Edge of Darkness | Strata 7 | Terrorist ]
  • Four new Tileset's installed and ready to use
    [ Asteroid | Auralien | Australian | Volcanic ]
  • Two Mods installed but not launchable via .exe files
    [ King of the Hill | Greed ]
  • No-CD Crack + Full Game Patched
  • All new Sprites and Sounds added ( Single .PAK Files )
  • All Utilities and Manuals / Documentation included
  • DROM Chat Program included
  • DR Name Changer Program included
  • Server Patched to Element's Server [ ]
  • Game Win2k/XP Patched
  • Contains MapPack-A and all latest maps ( 533 maps plus defaults )

Programs included:

  • DROM 0.5 ( DROM.exe )
  • DR Name Changer ( drname.exe )

Utilities included:

  • AIP EDIT ( Root Folder )
  • UBE EDIT ( Root Folder )
  • A-NET 0.10 ( Active Net [ The Dark Reign Server, runs on linux ] )
  • Bat_to_EXE ( Converts .bat to .exe - sample.bat included )
  • ICONS ( List of official Dark Reign icons and two created by Satz )
  • NOTEPAD++ ( For Editing .txt Files )
  • DROM.C ( DROM Source Code in C )
  • RADTools.exe ( Installer for RAD Tools - To view Dark Reign Movies )

Manuals / Documentation included:

  • AIP Documentation
  • Construction Kit Documentation
  • Tactics Engine Documentation
  • Terrorist Side Documentation
  • Unit and Building Tables

Fully Compatible with Patch 1.4, Patch 1.4b.
Play-Compatible with
Patch 1.6.


Why do you need to install Patch 1.7?

It allows Map Makers to have access to every sprite, every sound, every new unit ever made without having to worry about adding the files to the map - basically instead of having 50 5mb maps, you can have 50 100kb maps with one 20mb patch!

It also installs all the extra addons that were released for Dark Reign over the years, and provides seperate .exe files to load the Mods; EoD, Strata-7, Terrorists and Auran's Units.

Nearly every new map I will release will need Patch 1.7 to be installed in order to play it.


Compatibility between patches [ 1.4 , 1.4b , 1.6 , 1.7 ]

Due to the nature of the .pak file structuring, and the way the .pak files are called from the packman configuration files, there might be some users left confused about full-compatibility between the patches.

Patch 1.6 automatically called all sprites and sounds from the packman file everytime Dark Reign was launched, this means that you could play everymap ever created without worrying about the map having up-to-date configuration files. However, when Element created 1.4b he removed this feature, stating that individual maps can call the packman files when needed. I agreed with him on this, because no released maps have actually needed 1.6 to function, just all my unfinished maps. So because I still held all the maps that needed a new patch, and none were released, I am able to the change the maps and call them in the way 1.4b and 1.7 require.

To make things easier for the Dark Reign community, I changed the .pak file structuring method used in 1.7 to the same one used in 1.4b. Maps created for Patch 1.4b and 1.7 will work fine with Patch 1.6, but maps created for Patch 1.6 will not work with 1.4b or 1.7, but seeing there are no maps that were released that required Patch 1.6, then there is nothing to worry about, no harm is done.

  • Patch 1.4 is fully compatible with 1.4b, 1.6 and 1.7.
  • Patch 1.6 is fully compatible with 1.4, 1.4b, and 1.7.
  • Patch 1.4b is fully compatible with 1.4 and 1.7. Play-compatible with 1.6.
  • Patch 1.7 is fully compatible with 1.4 and 1.4b. Play-compatible with 1.6.


Patch History


What does Patch 1.7 do?

Patch 1.7 expands again on what Patch 1.6 did, by adding all new spirtes, sounds and terrains.

Listening to people's requests, I have now added EXE files to load up all the different Mods (Strata-7, Auran's Units, Terrorists and EoD) so that you can play them with your friends.

It is completely compatible with Patch 1.4 and does NOT change any units or buildings!
It does NOT add cheats or secrets, it does NOT change gameplay or balance!


It installs four new terrains ( Asteroid, Auralien, Aust and Volcanic )


It installs STRATA-7 1.5 ( Yes that Strata-7 :D )


It installs all of Auran's new Units and new Buildings


It installs Auran's Terrorist Side ( Units and Buildings )


It installs Activision's EOD Side ( Units and Buildings )

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