Dark Reign is unplayable on Windows 10!!!

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Dark Reign is unplayable on Windows 10!!!

Postby XenPhaseTank on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:23 pm

Bad news guys! The new Windows 10 "1709" update doesn't support Dark Reign anymore. The game crashes frequently and you can't even save the game anymore. It crashes instantly if you try to save the game.

I get this error now:
ERROR Save 1058| 920183|Strange pointer: 1093D578 Type=8(BUILDING)
ERROR | 920183|0x00480bb6 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920184|0x0048e2bc [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920185|0x004cc294 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920185|0x0048f8a4 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920186|0x004b9ad4 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920186|0x004bfe72 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920187|0x0040f38a [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920187|0x0040fcfd [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920188|0x004268d4 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920188|0x0040fa84 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920192|0x004d8c87 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920192|0x748d8654 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920192|0x779a4a47 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920193|0x779a4a17 [(unknown)]
ERROR | 920193|0x00000000 [(unknown)]
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