DR on Win7 (sign-of-life post)

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DR on Win7 (sign-of-life post)

Postby arobbo1 on Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:31 pm

Hello 'Reigners, I am a proud owner of an original '97 CD. I acquired it from a friend many years ago when she despaired of various XP/DirectX advancements that created problems for her favourite game. I promised to get it working some day - and many thanks to all on the forum for the Patch 1.7 advancements and various workarounds. However, I migrated away from Windows and didn't get back to the issue until recently. Now I find myself retreading a common path of users encountering problems with Windows 7 (x64 Home Premium), DirectX 10 when DirectX 3 is demanded, mss32.dll, smackw.dll and display colour issues etc etc. Simply can't get DR working at the moment, although I have followed the instructions found on various sites including the DR patch page, and when I have time I'll work through these forum threads too. Wish there was a verbose method to track install problems, similar to those I find in Puppy Linux for example - but my Windows "expertise" in problem-solving has cheerfully diminished over the years...

My interest in getting DR going in Windows 7 is threefold. 1) My son is finding coding fun, a new development in Queensland High Schools and I would like something other than MineCraft etc to help inspire his gaming/coding interests, 2) the original owner of the CD went on with her interest in gaming and is now lecturing extensively at tertiary levels in that field, and 3) I have vague recollections of meeting some Auran members at a party in Bulimba, shortly after the sad collapse of the company. While not an employee of Auran, the gent hosting the party was an associate of theirs, and is now currently employed at Blizzard. Basically I would like to pay homage to a game that while it only burned for a short time, it burned significantly brightly for some that still hold it in high regard. So please keep up the good fight with the add-ons and continued evolution of the environment, cheers.

In the meantime I'll try a fresh "Dark Reign + Rise of the Shadowhand" install and see if I can get around the current mismatches with orig+patch 1.7+Win7 64-bit (Oh - that particular machine is strictly off-line). Then, a GOG purchase to seal the deal for the sons birthday will probably follow soon after - I see it and DR2 both get great reviews from GOG buyers,

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Re: DR on Win7 (sign-of-life post)

Postby XenPhaseTank on Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:46 am

Hi @arobbo1! You don't have to install it. Dark reign 1.7 is the same game just with more content. Dark Reign doesn't work on Win 7 unless you terminate the explorer.exe. However on Windows 10 there are no color issues. Like never. I remember I had color issues even on Windows XP and Vista.
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