Series: Final Dawn of Osiris

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Series: Final Dawn of Osiris

Postby Zeratul on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:27 pm

Hello everyone, Zeratul here.
Once again, I've began making missions for Dark Reign again. Since the Dark Reign source codes and files are mostly written in C format and are easily accessible by notepad, I've got addicted to making missions again.

Here's a mission that I've finished, it is intended for online multiplayer purpose. So please put it in the folder:
"Your Dark Reign folder name"/DARK/SCENARIO/Mission/

To play Multiplayer mission maps just simply go to Multiplayer, Internet, then connect to a server (If you aren't in the lobby already). Create a game with the desired mission and start playing!

NOTE: Multiplayer missions are not available to play in Single player mode, you must click Multiplayer in order to do so.

Final Dawn of Osiris: (Spin-off story line?)
Shadowhand's failed and malfunctioned AI had a backup system installed in another duo-solar system, 0.8 light years away. The host planet Xivion is at inhabitable conditions such that the possibility of Osiris' backup duplicate's existence is overlooked. The final rise Osiris has begun.

Immediate after the crisis of Osiris, the chairman of Shadowhand had resigned due to conspiracy theorists persuading the general public to go against the authority itself. For the first 30 years it was chaos, but with the aid of the Sprawlers, or otherwise known as Freedom Guard. The rebels and their newly discovered Xenite bio-technology had made the final push against the chairman successful. A new leader later arose, Allan Bristoff, and vowed the restoration of humanity, and thence formed a peace pact between the lasting parties of Freedom Guard and the Imperium, bringing a new golden age of success, development and environmental research to prevent the further massive consumptions of their world's natural resources.

Soon 470 years later, complex and unfamiliar alien-like structures descended from space on to the surface of planet Prinuous, the one of the vulnerable populations of the human race that lived in poverty and depended on Agriculture. Secretly between a communications drone and the local town hall's spokesperson, it is promised that Osiris will not attack the civilians, as soon as they kept their presence a secret. Without a choice the residents on Prinuous agreed.

Soon the new government of humanity brought their first experimental underground water extractor, using their newly developed Standard model, bringing Chaos theory and Quantum theory to light and made water "creatable" from pure matter. Whilst bringing the technology to redevelop Prinuous, the technology has been stolen by Osiris' forces. Later used to make profit for exchange for resource in Prinuous, for their further development.

The players are 2 forces sent by the government, Freedom Guard (2x) and Shadowhand (1x), with Shadowhand being entrusted with the new technology to be put in a good use against Osiris' conquer of Prinuous. Some local residents have joined the Shadowhand to aid their cause in forms of the old Imperium. There's also signs of new development of structures and unit types of Osiris. The player is to annihilate the forces on Prinuous and set the residents away from the grasp of Osiris.
Have fun playing!
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