Xenite vs Machine & Evolution of Xenite v1.61X (14 Missions)

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Xenite vs Machine & Evolution of Xenite v1.61X (14 Missions)

Postby XenPhaseTank on Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:31 am

Short about this mod:
This mod consists of bug fixes, KI (ai) improvement and buildings, units modifications and a new story line with 14 maps (Evolution of Xenite). Xenite and Machine sides are the main of this mod. They are more advanced than the other 3 sides. Imperium, Shadowhand and Freedom Guard are renamed to Darkside, Nemesis and Barbarian.
This mod also includes this terrain fix: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=967

Big changes:
The KI (ai) no longer gets any bonus credits. This mod fixes the common KI (ai) bug with the stuck Freighters near the Water Launch Pad.
Taelon function disabled because once the KI sends more than one Freighter to the same Taelon Power Generator it becomes confused and skips free Water Springs.
Construction Rig, Headquarters 1, Water Launch Pad and Freighter dont cost anything. You can also start a mission with 0 credits.
Now Construction Rig and Freighter can be constructed in every unit facility. So only by destroying the Ki's (ai's) Headquarters doesn't cripple them anymore! Now you have to destroy all of the KI's unit facilities otherwise it will rebuild its base again and attack you like nothing happened.
Known bug and option: If you start a mission with 0 credits with Machine side (computer) it won't repair its own buildings. If you want it to repair its buildings, you have to at least start a mission with 1 credit.

Should your game crash with this mod, here the possible reasons:
1. Some Instant Action mission maps in 'Dark Reign v1.7' include files like units.txt, build.txt, aip, addon etc... You will need to delete these files from the map folder before you can play this map with the mod. Normally an Instant Action map only has 3-4 files .map, .scn, .mm and .pcx (caution at deleting .end file! if it is registered in the .scn file and you delete it the game will also crash.)
2. You tryed to load an old save game after you installed this mod.
3. You didn't follow the instructions in the Read Me file.

4. Dark Reign doesn't run properly on Windows 10 anymore since build 1709.

This mod is compatible with Dark Reign v1.4(b) and v1.7

Have fun! ;)
Split part 1
(1.64 MiB) Downloaded 75 times
Split part 2
(1.64 MiB) Downloaded 79 times
Split part 3
(1.52 MiB) Downloaded 76 times
Machine KI (AI) Insane difficulty.rar
This upgrade makes the Machine side at Techlevel 90 extreme difficult to beat.
Compatible with v1.61X
(7.46 KiB) Downloaded 67 times
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