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Just a Hello

Postby Sandeu on Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:53 am


Just a random search to see if any life what so ever was in Dark Reign, I found you guys. This is truly one of the most memorable games I have played. I still have the original CDs for Dark Reign and the Expansion. This brings back memories of getting owned by some of the most imaginative players online. Yes it's your basic Rock, Paper, Scissors genre, but with a twist, and sometimes all it takes is a twist.

I'll just bone up on some skills and I'll see you online.....watch for me! :D
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Re: Just a Hello

Postby hyrule78 on Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:28 pm

Hi to sandeu and to all the community,
I am new here...
first i will like to show repect and both thumbs up high to all of the community who has been keeping this game alife...

When i drive to work this morning i saw a big truck with a large cyliner concrete on top of it.. it reminds me of the seismic tank in dark reign..lol ( i cant recall its name ).
Its been years since i play dark reign and could not have imagine any player left still eager to play it like me...
So, i switch on computer in the office and google for dark reign lo and behold I stumble upon this website...

I am currently downloading 1.7 patch and gonna dive in to the game later...

You all have my gratitude and respect and Thank You :D
i'm noobie again lol....
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