Rules and Etiquette for playing Dark Reign on Ele's Server.

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Rules and Etiquette for playing Dark Reign on Ele's Server.

Postby Satz on Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:33 pm


There is only one Rule.

    Rule #1 :

    There are no rules.

This is a free and open community, you can do what you want. But be prepared that some of the things you might choose to do might piss people off, there are some etiquette guidelines below that I have come up with as a guide to help returning members of our community.


When I personally started playing on Element's server, I was quickly made aware that I was not allowed to do anything that we would have done back in the day. I believe this general view of stopping people playing the game is wrong.

There are some things that the general community frowns upon, I for one do not really care about any of this. But it is better that people be aware of these guidelines rather than get a huge shock when someone chucks a sad and leaves the game.

    #1 Arty

Arty is generally frowned upon in games unless it is specifically said that arty could be used before hand. If you use Arty in a game, do not be surprised when people whinge and leave the game. I honestly frown on this behaviour of leaving games, but people are free to do what they want to do.

Players tend to lock themselves into their base, build up a large defence and slowly make their way across the map using camera towers, scouts and recon drones as eyesight for their arty. This tends to create long drawn out games, as people are usually so frustrated that they fail to think how they could easily win the game and end up quitting the game out of annoyance.

Arty can easily be counted by teleporting Zombies (IMP), phasing Martyrs (FG & XEN) or using Hades (SH). Most players are in consensus about this issue, as I said before, I really do not mind, but this is the majority of the community that agrees that arty should not be used.

    #2 Rifts

Rifts are also generally frowned upon but not as much so as Arty. I personally think Rifts are fine in a game with super weapons, and Shocks get built faster than Rifts do anyways, and have the potential to cause more damage.

However, this comes back to the idea that people tend to lock themselves in their base, and rift from afar. There is more than one way to destroy a rift, and if it really comes down to being such an important issue, there is an easy solution. Don't play maps that allow players to build rifts easily, or just disable super weapons.

    #3 Upgrade/Sell Bug

The upgrade/sell bug is just that, a bug, and should not be exploited.

The majority of the community is in consensus that doing this should get you banned from the game. However, it is very rarely done within the community, usually only by new people that join the game or just figured out how to do it. If you do it, expect people to refuse to play with you. In all honesty there is really no need to do it.

    #4 Teleporting S.C.A.R.B.S onto Rifts

I believe this is a fair tactic that was purposely designed into the game. The community has yet to reach a majority consensus on this subject, some people are against it, some people are for it, but I have honestly never seen it used in a game.

    #5 Avengers on Harass

Avengers on harass will automatically seek out a target, attack it, reload their ammunition, heal if necessary and seek out targets again.

This is generally frowned upon by the community out of sheer annoyance, but if it is really causing you a concern in the game, then chances are, that you have already lost that game. Teleport/Phase in anti-air near their rearming deck, or just build more anti-air platforms.

    #6 Headquarters (HQ) and Taelon Reactor (Power) Rushing

This is also generally frowned upon by the community, rushing a rig into another person's base and building a HQ or Taelon Reactor to stop people building defensive towers early in the game.

    #7 Corking (Includes Scout - Water Spring corking)

Corking has been around since Dark Reign's conception back in 1997. This involves usually sending a freighter into the Headquarters (HQ) of an opponent first thing in the game, that would stop Rigs coming out and effectively stop them building a base.

The majority of the community is in consensus that this is a definite no-no. If it happens by accident then it is best to move it straight away, and people should not mind, if it happens for more than a couple of seconds or if it was done purposely, then people will probably leave the game.

Water Corking is when people phase or teleport scouts onto a Water Spring, stopping people from harvesting water.

The majority of the community is in consensus that this is also a definite no-no, and should never happen accidentally. Expect people to be extremely angry when this happens, it is one thing using a Water Contaminator as they expensive and are automatically killed by towers, it is another thing using morphed scouts that will not be attacked by towers.

    #8 Finishing a Game / Leaving a Game

Finishing Games - Refusing to finish a game that has long since already been won is a faux pas and would annoy most members of the community. Waiting for that last rift to build, or last shock to get to their base, to destroy a water pad, is considered bad form. Finish games quickly if it is more than obvious that the game is already over, and just play another one, you never know who is waiting in the lobby.

Leaving a game is considered bad form until all people in the game have said "GG", on both sides. I personally believe that people should leave games that are taking too long to finish *As stated above*, but this does not mean when you have a full base, or still have a chance at a comeback. The community is yet to reach a consensus on this topic.

General Behaviour


When finishing a game it is common courtesy to say "GG", or "Good Game". This has been a common occurrence since the beginning of Dark Reign, whether you win or loose, all games should be a good game, and you should leave the game feeling positive.

    Aggro / Leaving Games

This was never a common sight in Dark Reign back in the day, as we had a real community. Since then many people have played on Battle.Net and know of how rude people can be whilst playing a game. Very rarely does a member of this community ever get angry unless of course you go against the etiquette above, but I believe, this is still not excuse to go aggro. Keep the aggro on, do not bring it to our community.

Even if someone uses arty or rifts, it is no excuse to chuck a sad and leave the game, just play on, counter it, keep your mouth shut and kick their ass in game.

Behave yourself, stay happy, this is a fun game, the majority of people in our community play it to relax, not to win 1 vs 1.
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